Orders / Payment / Account

Q: I placed an order on your website, when will I receive it?
A: All products at myBodyGraph.com are digital and available immediately in your account upon purchase.


Q: I bought the Foundation & Advanced Combo for the Talking BodyGraph. How can I access this information?
A: Visit the Talking BodyGraph page. Open the BodyGraph you wish to unlock (to select a different BodyGraph either choose one from your library or create a new one.) Within the Information Hub component, select Step 2 - Foundation, and click on the 'Use Credit' button. Click the 'Use Credit' button within Step 3 - Advanced to do the same. The number within the Use Credit button indicates how many credits you have left for that particular step. Note: Once a step has been unlocked, the BodyGraph's birth data cannot be edited.


Q: I can't log in, how do I reset my password?
A: Click here to reset your password. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive an email right away.

Birth Data

Q: How do I change the birth information for the chart I used to set up my account?
A: Visit your account settings, then click on the Birth Information tab to edit your birth data. (You can access this page by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the website, then selecting 'My Account' from the menu.)


Q: I accidentally entered the incorrect birth data and have unlocked Step 2 Foundation and Step 3 Advanced. How can I correct my birth data to get the Talking BodyGraph material about my correct chart?
A: Once steps have been unlocked for a BodyGraph, you can no longer edit the birth data yourself. Please contact us and we will fix it for you.


Q: I'm trying to enter birth info for a chart, but the drop-down won't let me select the correct city.
A: Both the country and city selectors offer automatic suggestions. Enter the first 2 or more characters of a country or city to see available suggestions. In the rare case a city or town is not shown as a suggestion, please select a place closest to your city/town to generate a correct chart.


Q: I'm having difficulty entering the 'United States' as a country. It says my state doesn't exist.
A: For birth locations within the United States of America, in the country field enter 'USA' and scroll through the suggestions, or enter the first few letters of the State and select the suggestion that appears. For example, it will look like this: 'USA - California'


Q: I have entered identical birth data into myBodyGraph and other Human Design chart calculators and found differences between them, how do I proceed?
A: Please verify that the data entered is identical. In some cases, a mistake in the month and date entry (DD/MM vs MM/DD) is the cause of discrepancies. Also make sure you are entering the birth time in 24h or AM/PM format. If the differences persist, please contact us for support


Q: What kind of information do I get with the Talking BodyGraph?
A: There are written descriptions and audio recordings of Ra, founder of the Human Design System, discussing key elements of a BodyGraph (Type, Inner Authority, Definition, Profile, Open and Defined Centers, Channels, Gates, Nodal Polarities, Planets, and Incarnation Crosses) If you are new to Human Design, or interested in understanding the BodyGraph in more depth, the Talking BodyGraph is an ideal tool.


Q: Is this information personalized to my Human Design chart or is it general?
A: The Talking Bodygraph is a tool for analyzing any chart, and offers comprehensive information about the Strategy, Inner Authority, Centers, Gates, Channels and Profiles found in that chart.


Q: Can I purchase the Talking BodyGraph for 2 people and listen to the combined BodyGraphs?
A: No, the Talking Bodygraph does not currently supply written or audio material for connection charts.


Q: What is included in the Talking BodyGraph Unlimited for $299?
A: The Talking BodyGraph Unlimited unlocks the following audio and text materials for every BodyGraph in your library: Type, Inner Authority, Definition, Profile, Open and Defined Centers, Channels, Gates, Nodal Polarities, Planets, and Incarnation Crosses. This amounts to over 15 hours of audio and text material. It does not include the Connection Chart, Cycle Chart, Transit Chart, or I'Ching software features which are available here


Q: If I purchase the Connection Chart, Cycle Chart, or Transit Chart feature, will I receive audio and text material about these charts?
A: No, these features simply allow you to create these types of charts. Interpreting them requires that you have foundational Human Design knowledge.


Q: How can I learn more about Connection Chart themes and how to understand them?
A: As myBodyGraph does not currently offer written or text material about connection charts, we recommend the following products at Jovian Archive. In particular, the eBook titled Partnership Analysis.


Q: How can I see my Kiron return?
A: The Kiron Return is included in the Cycle Chart feature. Kiron is, however, not displayed on the Human Design BodyGraph.


Q: What are the four large, black and red arrows near the top of the personality and design columns?
A: These arrows indicate the Variable of a Human Design Chart. Variable is an advanced aspect of the knowledge that looks at your cognitive design and how to achieve mind and body awareness. It is a tool for transformation. The 4 components of Variable indicate your specific Digestion, Environment, Perspective, and Awareness. Find out more at Jovian Archive's variable calculator.


Q: Does the Unlimited Talking BodyGraph include advanced information on Color, Tone, and Base?
A: No, the Talking BodyGraph covers foundational knowledge but does not include advanced aspects of a chart. To learn about these topics please take a look at Jovian Archive's videos on Color, Tone, and Base, as well as their selection of Advanced Lectures and Courses.

Q: Can I connect the 'Just Now Chart' to a BodyGraph to create a Transit Chart?
A: The Transit Chart feature provides this ability. Click here to learn more about the Transit Feature


Q: How do I upgrade from one Talking BodyGraph credit to the Unlimited?
A: It is possible to upgrade to Foundation & Advanced - Unlimited. A $39 coupon code, applicable to the Unlimited upgrade and valid for 31 days, will be sent to you after purchasing Foundation & Advanced Combo.


Q: Can I apply my one credit towards the unlimited package price if I decide to upgrade?
A: It is possible to upgrade to Foundation & Advanced - Unlimited. A $39 coupon code, applicable to the Unlimited upgrade and valid for 31 days, will be sent to you after purchasing Foundation & Advanced Combo.

Printing / Exporting / Importing

Q: How can I delete a BodyGraph from my Library?
A: In your library, right click, or hold your finger (handheld devices) on the name of the BodyGraph, then select Delete from the resulting dropdown menu. You can also select multiple charts in your library by checking the boxes next to each name, then mass delete them by clicking on the arrow icon and clicking Delete. You can also load the chart and select Delete from the BodyGraph menu. Note, you can't delete the BodyGraph you used to sign up with.


Q: How do I share a BodyGraph with a friend?
A: In your library, right click, or hold your finger (handheld devices) on the name of the BodyGraph, then select Share from the resulting dropdown menu. You can also load the chart and select Share from the BodyGraph menu.


Q: Can I download, backup, or export my BodyGraph database library?
A: These features are not available. However, your library is safely stored and backed up on our secure servers.


Q: How can I print my BodyGraph?
A: Open the Chart, click on the BodyGraph menu on top of the Chart, and select Download. The chart has now been downloaded to your computer in image format, which you can print.


Q: How do I request a refund?
A: If a product fails to meet your expectations, please use this contact form to request a refund.

System Requirements

Q: Will myBodyGraph work on any computer or do I need a specific operating system?
A: myBodyGraph is a web application that runs on any modern computer or mobile device with an internet browser and internet connection. Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed.


Q: What is the difference between myBodyGraph and Maia Mechanics Imaging (MMI) from Jovian Archive?
A: MMI is downloadable software that runs on a Windows platform. With the most advanced MMI features, you can generate Penta, DreamRave, and the Advanced Imaging charts, features not currently available at myBodyGraph. For more information about MMI visit this page.

myBodyGraph is an online service, and therefore available from anywhere with an internet connection, with several of the software capabilities seen within MMI-such as the ability to create and save Individual, Connection, Cycle, and Transit charts. What sets myBodyGraph apart is the Talking BodyGraph, an automated chart interpretation service and ideal introduction for newcomers to Human Design.


Q: Will myBodyGraph give me the ability to give readings to clients?
A: In order to give readings to clients, you need to have completed a training program, and be certified as an IHDS professional analyst. The tools supplied by myBodyGraph can help develop foundational knowledge but do not qualify one to give readings.

Other / Privacy

Q: Is the information entered in myBodyGraph kept private or is the data given to a third party?
A: No information is shared with third parties. Please check our Privacy Policy page for further information.