The planets play a key role in the design of who we are. In fact, everything in Human Design is based on the movements and impact of the planetary spheres. Obviously, the effect of the planets on our lives is no new revelation, being the basis of all astrology. However, the revelation of Human Design serves to explain as well as deepen descriptions of many of the patterns that astrologers have glimpsed for millennia in the stars.

The key to understanding the impact of something as distant as a planet on our lives is that tiny, subatomic particle known as the neutrino. Neutrinos are extremely fine matter produced by the nuclear reactions within stars. All stars, including our own Sun, produce neutrinos continuously. Stars in distant reaches of space are constantly beaming these neutrinos toward us, and being made of such fine substance, they pass through our bodies, as well as through the Earth itself. Imagine then, how the movement of the planets around our Sun must refract the neutrino information as it passes into us at the moment of our imprinting.

We have two key moments of imprinting, one at 88 degrees of the Sun before we are born, and the other at the instant of our actual, physical birth. At these two moments in time, the positions of the planets in our solar system codify the neutrino information in very specific ways as it streams through our bodies. Planets vary greatly in density and makeup. Some consist of solid rock while others consist purely of layers of gases. Every planet also has its own mythology as perceived by man. One could almost say that planets are the organs of the solar system, and we, humanity, are the brain that gives them their names. Thus our mythologies are, and always have been, our method of attuning to our greater body.

The planets then, are our local programming agents. This is why down the ages, we have always described them as gods in our mythologies. Every planet, depending where it is in our design, lends its flavor to our nature, at both conscious and unconscious levels. This is something we need to consider whenever we look at a planet, as well as where it is activating a gate/line in our chart.