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As the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, the I’Ching or Book of Changes, is an ancient divination tool used for over three thousand years. The roots of the I’Ching we see today can be dated back to the 8th century BC.


In 1989, after his encounter with the Voice, Ra Uru Hu wrote the Rave I’Ching - the foundation upon which Human Design rests, the key to unlocking the code of our genetics.


There are 64 Gates (or Hexagrams) within the BodyGraph, comprised of 6 Lines each. The Rave I’Ching feature offers you Ra Uru Hu's original descriptions of each of the 384 Lines, along with detailed Line Exaltations and Detriments.


The I’Ching feature integrates the line descriptions into all of your BodyGraphs, and for a complete overview you can browse the I’Ching page here, accessible at anytime under the Information Center menu.


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