Your myBodyGraphs Online Software has a host of free features. The products on this page represent our select software features to improve your experience, providing the tools for a deeper exploration of the Human Design System.

Transit Tool

Software Feature

Explore the daily transit field with our advanced and feature-packed myBodyGraph Human Design Transit Tool. Stay up to date with Live Just Now & Just Now Connection Charts, the upcoming Planetary Changes overview and an optional notification system for Line and Gate changes. Create unlimited Transit and Transit Connection Charts and utilize the interactive Ephemeris to visually track planetary changes over time. Also features The Moon Cycle, an invaluable tool for Reflectors and anyone interested in closely following the Lunar transits.


Connection Chart

Software Feature

Create unlimited Connection Charts. Combine any two BodyGraphs in your library to create Connection Charts, which reveal:

  • Connection Themes
  • Dominance Channels
  • Compromise Channels
  • Electromagnetic Connections
  • Companionship Connections
Cycle Chart

Cycle Chart

Software Feature

Create unlimited Cycle Charts for any BodyGraph in your library, including:

  • Saturn Returns
  • Lunar Returns
  • Solar Returns
  • Kiron Returns
  • Uranus Oppositions


Software Feature

The myBodyGraph Human Design Rave I'Ching includes text for all:

  • 64 Gates
  • 384 Lines
  • Exaltations and Detriments