Step 2 - Foundation

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Unlock Step 2 - Foundation of your myBodyGraph Human Design Talking BodyGraph (or any BodyGraph of your choice).

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Credit Explanation: Increase the quantity of this product to purchase more credits, allowing you to unlock this step in more BodyGraphs. Upon purchase, the credits are saved to your account, and you can apply them to the BodyGraph of your choice at anytime. Purchasing the Unlimited offer requires no further credits as all steps are automatically unlocked.


Unlock Step 2 - Foundation of your Talking BodyGraph (or any BodyGraph of your choice) to discover:

  • More detail about your Life and Decision-Making Strategies
  • How your Energy Flows, and how this impacts your relationships
  • The Purpose and Role you are designed to live out
  • Your Fixed and Reliable themes, and how to keep yourself healthy
  • Recognize your Openness to Conditioning, how your mind may be in control of your life and how to start living as yourself
  • Your Potential for Wisdom, and how to actualise it