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Explore the daily transit field with our advanced and feature-packed myBodyGraph Human Design Transit Tool. Stay up to date with Live Just Now & Just Now Connection Charts, the upcoming Planetary Changes overview and an optional notification system for Line and Gate changes. Create unlimited Transit and Transit Connection Charts and utilize the interactive Ephemeris to visually track planetary changes over time. Also features The Moon Cycle, an invaluable tool for Reflectors and anyone interested in closely following the Lunar transits.


What are transits?

In Human Design, a Transit refers to the movement of the planets through the 64 Gates of the Human Design Mandala Wheel. Mapping these movements shows the overall planetary configuration at any given moment, and how it impacts our individual Chart.

Each planetary body has its unique frequency theme and energy transmission which is then expressed through the specific Gate it is transiting. We each carry an imprint of the planets and their Gate energies which makes up our BodyGraph, and can use transits as a tool to observe how we are impacted at any moment by these transiting conditioning forces.

A Human Design BodyGraph can be connected with a Transit Chart, creating a combined chart which represents the energies at play. We can think of it like a personalized weather forecast that prepares us for upcoming global conditioning themes.

The benefits of observing Transits:

  • Develop an awareness of the difference between who you are, and who you are not by witnessing the impact of transits on yourself and others
  • Learn about the planets while observing their impact as they transit specific Gates relating to your individual Design
  • Mentally prepare for the conditioning 'weather' so you are less likely to deviate from your Strategy and Authority

Explore the 'Human Design Weather' with our advanced and feature-packed Transit Tool:

  • Create unlimited Transit and Transit Connection Charts (Composite Chart of Individual Chart and Transit) for any Transit date between 1900 - 2060
  • Live Just Now & Just Now Connection Chart that update automatically + optional notification system for Line and Gate changes*
  • Interactive Ephemeris to track planetary movements between 1900 - 2060
  • Planetary Changes overview reveals next activations, the exact moment of Gate and Line changes, and retrograde data for all planets at a glance
  • The Moon Cycle: a tool to closely monitor Lunar transits

*Notifications on mobile devices require the browser to remain open.

New Feature: Transit Tool activates UTC dates in Chart Properties — with one click you can now view and explore the transits of key moments. Second Saturn Returns now also available via this method if both Cycle Chart and Transit Tools are activated.

Note: This is a software tool, providing the means of exploring the transits, but does not include educational material to teach or analyze Transit themes. Integration of the I'Ching feature and Talking BodyGraph content supplement the Transit Tool.

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