The purpose of Human Design is to show our uniqueness. Your Human Design BodyGraph reveals your Definition (who you are) and your Openness (who you think you are and the source of your conditioning).

The first step in being yourself is to rely on your definition and experiment with your Strategy and Authority. The next step in Human Design is to see what is open in you and recognize where you have been conditioned.

The reward that comes from recognizing our own nature is worth the effort. Knowing and understanding our Design protects us from being a victim of our conditioning. To be ourselves is fundamentally to be healthy.

To be what we are not—to live the conditioning—leads to disease as we continually confront ourselves with energies we are not genetically equipped to handle. Human Design is a tool that can help us understand how our body is designed and how it is meant to run properly.

Obviously, hearing about our unique Design and living it are two different things. To live according to our nature takes courage and determination. We learn to understand our Design intellectually, but living our Design is something we can only learn from life itself. We have to experiment. Human Design is a logical system and logic requires repeated testing to verify the pattern, so you can see for yourself that it works and how it works.

Your Human Design BodyGraph reveals simple Strategies, yet their simplicity does not imply that being oneself is easy. Becoming our authentic selves is a journey. It takes seven years to clean out the conditioning, seven years to ground the awareness down to our cells so we may express ourselves naturally. Until it is natural to be ourselves, we cannot let go of mind. Everyone can become themselves, but it requires that we work on ourselves for ourselves.

The knowledge of Human Design is also of great benefit to children and parents, since knowing a child’s Design helps us guide them in the direction of their nature rather than driving them away from it. Children guided this way grow up with a feeling for their own true nature. For most adults, the road back to our true nature can be difficult due to lifelong conditioning. Overcoming conditioning takes courage and the determination to test out our path and find what is right for us.