Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today.

It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out for yourself if it works for you.

Human Design shows you a concrete map of your own nature and provides you with simple tools for making correct decisions, being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life. Human Design offers you the opportunity to discover yourself and begin to understand and accept your very nature.

A Synthesis

The Human Design System is a synthesis of two streams of science, traditional and modern.

The traditional sciences—astrology, both eastern and western, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Zohar or Kabbalah, and most importantly of all, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes— these are the traditional elements in the synthesis that is Human Design, and combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code, this offers you profound insight into how you are designed to navigate the material world.

What are Human Design Charts/BodyGraphs?

Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your design chart, or Bodygraph, which determines your Type and Definition, the key components of the system.

The chart provides you with the simple mechanics of Strategy and Authority to experiment with, in order to live and discover your individual and differentiated nature.

By simply grasping the surface mechanic, you will have a grounding in this life that is immediately going to bring a difference to your process.

The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we are caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. It doesn't matter how intelligent we are, there is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.

Be a Passenger

We are passengers in these bodies. We are a passenger consciousness experiencing life.

Buddha taught that the body is not ours. Though it is not, we are totally dependent on it.

To learn how to operate in alignment with your own nature immediately brings benefits; this is the moment that you get what is right for you, along with the right relationships, career, environment, and so forth.

In acting on it, in experimenting with its logic, you may discover a remarkable experience of finding and ultimately living your purpose and seeing the beauty of what life holds for you.

We invite you to create your free Talking BodyGraph where we will reveal key components of your Design.